office / coworking
Modular system of offices and co-working spaces furnished with working desks with built-in electronics
Functionality and ergonomics of office desks hasn't changed for several decades. We've decided to take the initiative and radically revise the concept of office furniture. We proudly present to you a modular building system that is applicable for open space offices & CoWorkings as well as meeting rooms
Working Desks
Each module(desk) is equipped with:
  • Wireless Qi standard charger
  • USB charging HUB
  • 220V built-in sockets
Single or dual modules are available at your choice. Second option will allow to reduce the cost for working space significantly
All modules are connected to the power in a serial circuit, they could be easily formed in any shape up to 20 desks at once. You will need only one of them to be connected to the power socket. The desks are fastened to each other by magnets
At your choice the module could be equipped with stationary legs made of metal with powder coating or height-adjustable legs with memory for 4 positions
Tabletops are made of three types of wood: plywood, solid beech, solid birch. Standard size of each module is 47,2 х 23,6in, the thickness is 1,6in. The size might be adjusted to your needs as well
More budget solutions might be equipped with laminated chipboard of any color with plastic edge
In addition, each workplace is furnished with a cabinet on wheels. In the front door there is a slot for correspondence
Metal partitions with powder coating are used to distinguish the working space for both modules. With the help of magnets, they easily attach documents and reminders

Meeting/Conference room Desks
From dual modules you can assemble a conference room desk of any configuration and size. For each seat the modules already have wireless Qi charger, USB charging slot, as well as extenders 220V

In addition, we have developed a special multimedia module with built-in wireless bluetooth speaker system and projector

The projector itself is installed vertically under the table and the image is being broadcasted on the wall, reflected from the turntable with a mirror. No more irritating wires on your desk!

Simply place your tablet into designated place and enjoy the video conference
Price & Conditions
The cost of one module is calculated based on your requirements and preferences. To receive detailed commercial offer, please fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly