Design, development and manufacturing of Smart Furniture with built-in gadgets
Who we are
We design and manufacture smart furniture with built-in gadgets in Moscow. Ergonomic solutions, modern design, built-in gadgets, height-adjustable working spaces and wires management. Allow yourself a new generation of smart furniture.
Our Products
Tabula Sense Light
100% natural materials. Maximum functionality at affordable price! Wireless Qi charging, USB charging hub, multipurpose doc charging station
Tabula Sense 2.0
Everything you may need for optimal working experience. Best offer for price/functionality. Wireless Qi charging, USB hub, Bluetooth speakers.
Tabula Sense Smart Desk
(In stock)
Our first and best known product. Induction beverage warmer, Wireless Qi charging, USB hub, Bluetooth speakers, height adjustable legs.
Tabula Sense Executive
(Upon Request)
«L» type management desk with drawers. Maximum space for work and creativity, fully "packed" with our features. Customization by request.
Tabula Sense Conference
(Upon Request)
Tabula Sense Conference room desks. Full customization by client's request and desires. Built-in speaker systems, height-adjustable and much more.
from 5000 USD
Tabula Sense Custom
(Upon Request)
Design and development of smart furniture with built-in gadgets by your personal preferences. We will adjust to your taste, budget and desires.
from 5000 USD
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