Tabula Sense Light
100% natural materials. Maximum functionality at affordable price! Wireless Qi charging, USB charging hub, multipurpose doc charging station
Minimalistic design, eco-free materials and maximum comfort for the user. USB charging hub, Wireless Qi charger, multipurpose dock charging station. Optionally could be equipped with height-adjustable legs. Tabletop and legs are made of solid Birch wood. The tabletop is covered with oil, painted legs.
Comfort at every detail
USB charging HUB
Handy charging for any gadgets plugged in directly to the desk. Built-in magnet holder allows easily to manage your wires and doesn't let them tangle
Dock station
Charge any of your gadgets directly from the desk: from apple AirPods to iPad Pro with no disturb from your working process. Three types of connectors at your choice: Lightning, micro USB or USB Type-С
Wireless Qi charger
Simply place your Qi- supporting smartphone on a designated spot and charging process will start automatically. For Apple devises, you will need to use a Qi wireless charging adapter receiver case. Lucky owners of Iphone 8, 8 plus and Iphone X don't need any additional equipment.
Cable Management
Put your standard socket extension into a specialized leather holder and fix its' wire via handy holder underneath the tabletop – no more tangled and irritating wires
Easy-removable central part
Central part of the desk could be adjusted with 15 degrees incline. You can easily remove the central part and continue working on the sofa, armchair or even at the hammock – putting a laptop, smartphone and your favorite drink on top of it
Height-adjustable legs
Optionally the desk could be equipped with height-adjustable legs. Working at a sit & stand mode is not only comfortable, but also positively impacts your health. All additional electronics from height-adjustable legs are built-in directly in the tabletop - no more frames and hanging wires!
Which colours are available?
Tabula Sense Light is available in only one natural colour of Birch solid wood. Standard legs could be chosen in white/black colour. Height adjustable legs are available in black/white and grey colours
What are the dimensions of the desk
The dimensions are 3,9 * 2,3 ft. Height – 2,43 ft.
How height-adjustable mechanism works?
Optionally the desk could be equipped with height-adjustable legs. Control buttons are built-in underneath the tabletop on your left hand. Max capacity – 175 lbs
Which gadgets support Qi wireless charger?
Most recent android based gadgets support Qi standard. Apple devises, you will need to use a Qi wireless charging adapter receiver case. Luckily starting from iphone 8, 8 plus and iphone X you don't need any additional equipment
Tabula Sense Light
Pleasure from work
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